When we were first starting out in the Section B Welsh breeding, it was very hard to find a quality Section B, especially if you were looking for a pony of size and substance which also moved well.  Our first Section B herd sire, Bristol Victorio, came from the Bristol Pony Farm and was sired by RosMel Cotillion.  Victorio set the standard for our farm and also did much to improve and stamp the Section B Welsh in the USA and Canada.  This filly exemplifies the great ponies RosMel bred through the years.  We are privileged to own her.   $4,500

Rosmel's Rose Of Texas Rosmel's Scarlet Emperor Rosmel's Cotillion Glannant Tango
HW Gwyndy Glo
Rosmel's Scarlet Lace Ardmore Traveller
Baileys Fancy Lass
Rosmel's Bonnie Dancer Rosmel's Bey Cracker Rosmel Cotillion
CC Croquette
Bristol Bonnie Dancer Glannant Tango
Avalon Bonnie TLWS

Sire: Rosmel Scarlet Emperor

Dam: RosMel Bonnie Dancer

Sire's Sire: RosMel Cotillian